Get in loser, we’re doing neuroexpansive shit!

What’s the Word? Neuroexpansive. Coined by Ngozi Alston (@ngwagwa), neuroexpansive is an invitation to think about our differences and disabilities as an expansion, rather than a divergence, of human experience.

What We’re Reading. Black Disability Politics by Sami Schalk. Schalk contextualizes how Black people have enacted Black disability politics across time in our liberation movements and lays out the four common qualities of Black disability politics that all Black people must engage in.

What In the World?! In this segment, Alyssa and Brendane talk about the liberal security theater of this “post”-pandemic AAA Annual Meeting, the not-so-casual ableism in Black families, the eugenicist and ableist conversation in Love Is Blind, neurodivergence in the trenches, and losing community and access in the downfall of Twitter.

Sorry again about Alyssa’s audio, she’ll be back in New York for episode 8 without the cicadas in the background!

Transcription Coming Soon!

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