Happy Earthstrong to our resident Gemini, Brendane!

This week we’re bringing you the mental health and self-care episode. We open up with chatting about what we’re doing to take care of ourselves. In our What’s the Word? segment, we discuss Dr. Arline Geronimus’ concept of weathering and how chronic racial stress impacts our physical and mental health. This week, we’re reading Dr. Koritha Mitchell’s essay “Identifying White Mediocrity and Know-Your-Place Aggression: A Form of Self-Care” to unpack strategies of self-care that go beyond bubble baths and facials. Mitchell’s work helps us understand why we all need to have the confidence of a mediocre white man, strategies for mitigating know-your-place aggression (spoiler: it’s white people holding themselves to the standards they hold others), and why Black capitalism really isn’t going to save us. In our What in the World?! segment, we discuss Naomi Osaka saying “Nah” to the French Open, the way Nikole Hannah-Jones’ denial of tenure is a form of know-your-place aggression, and finally the co-opting and commodification of self-care. On the latter topic, Alyssa catches the spirit and leaves us with a WORD, hunny!

CW: rape culture, child sexual abuse in Hollywood (00:36:30-00:39:00)

Transcript coming soon!

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