We’re back! 

Next week marks the start of ZD 102, the second “semester” of our first season of the podcast! From February to July, we’ll be dropping bi-weekly episodes that will continue to challenge and inform. It’ll be everything you loved about the first semester, but a little extra because Alyssa and Brendane are where the money reside! 

Speak soon!

Co-Hosts: Brendane Tynes and Alyssa A.L. James
Title: We Back, We Black, and We On the Track
Total Length: 00:02:30


00:00:02 Brendane 

Hey Alyssa, are you there? [Pause] Girl, we can’t hear you, you gon’ have to unmute yourself. 

00:00:09 Alyssa 

Damn! Almost a year of Zoom U and I’m still making that mistake. Well, I’m here! 

00:00:14: Brendane 

Great, we made it. We made it. It’s 2021 and the 21st century is officially [chuckles] old enough to drink.  

00:00:25 Alyssa 

Well, it seems to me that this century has been drinking for quite a few years now. [Brendane: Um, preach.]

00:00:29 Alyssa 

Well, the Cheeto-in-charge may officially be out of office, but I am certain that the tomfoolery will continue. 

00:00:35 Brendane 

[Sighs] Not the tomfoolery, chile. And I know you wanted to use another word, but regardless of whatever you call it, we’re here to tell it about itself through the lens of Black feminist anthropology. 

00:00:48 Alyssa 

Yes, so welcome to ZD 102 where we will be building on some of the concepts we introduced last semester, like afropessimism, misogynoir, and abolition. We’ll also be presenting new concepts, and of course, continuing to read popular culture for filth. 

00:01:03 Brendane 

And we’ll be bringing you more guests and more bonus episodes, and sourcing content straight from listeners just like you. So be on the lookout for calls and tell us your experiences of ‘teaching while black’ or to give your thoughts on whether Black History Month is really for Black folk. 

00:01:20 Alyssa 

Exactly. It’ll just be more of what you already love: critical participant observation, deep conversations, and plenty of repartee between Brendane and me. 

00:01:30 Brendane 

You know, we’ll have a few little brief confabs, right? 

00:01:33 Alyssa 

Yeah, you know, like the occasional palaver. [Laughs] 

00:01:38 Brendane 

Yo, literally every time you say palaver, I just get more and more like dead yo. So, we also have some surprises in store for you: we’ll have a new sound and we’re launching ZD t-shirts – and let me tell you, Alyssa? Girl, you did the damn thing with them. 

00:01:56 Alyssa 

Thank you! We’re excited and we hope you are too so. So, subscribe to the podcast on your preferred platform. Follow us on Instagram at zorasdaughters and Twitter at zoras_daughters. Underscore daughters and you’ll be the first to know when episode one of ZD 102 drops next week.  

00:02:11 Brendane 

And remember, we must take care of ourselves and each other. Bye!  

00:02:16 Alyssa 


00:02:18 Brendane [rapping] 

It’s lit! We back. [Together:] AYYY! Season 2 [Together:] AYYY! We Black and we back and we on the track. [MUSIC ENDS] 

Ayyy! ZD 102. [snaps] Wassup [snaps] wassup, ay [snaps] [Alyssa laughs, fade out] 


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