It’s all about God’s greatest hits today! Alyssa and Brendane kick off the episode with ‘Defund Reform Abolish,’ before getting into the colonial and religious history and use of the word diaspora. They debate whether the Jamaican immigrant community is a diaspora and get into some African diaspora religions before moving on to the text of the week: Transcendent Kingdom (2020) by Yaa Gyasi, the story of a PhD student dealing with grief, mental illness, and faith – it definitely elicited some strong feelings! Finally, we reveal who the blockheaded dude Brendane was talking about in the last episode and discuss the high – and problematic – standards women must meet in the church. Stay tuned to the end for another little behind-the-scenes of ZD!

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Discussed this week:

Transcendent Kingdom (Yaa Gyasi, 2020)

The Myth of the Negro Past (Melville J. Herskovits, 1941)

European Immigrants in the United States in 2014 (Migration Policy Institute, 2015)

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