It’s Black History 365 over here! We’re back for Part II of the first season of the podcast keeping it “spicy” talking about racialization, DaniLeigh’s problematic song “Yellow Bone,” and the intersection of Latinidad with anti-blackness. Alyssa and Brendane explain Louis Althusser and interpellation, Frantz Fanon’s “Lived Experience of the Black Man,” and discuss an article about “Puerto Rican” youth in New Jersey “appropriating” “blackness” to demonstrate “urban competency,” and its contribution to the erasure of actual factual Black people. Here’s the kicker: it’s the first text in the “What We’re Reading” segment not written by a Black person. In our final segment, we chat with PhD candidate Daisy E. Guzman, one of the few Garifuna-Guatemalan women in academia, to dig deep into Latinidad, thinking blackness as indigenous, and proclaim that folks are not “white passing” they are white!

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Discussed in this episode:

The Invention of Race (Throughline Podcast, NPR, 2020)

Becoming American, becoming black? Urban competency, racialized spaces, and the politics of citizenship among Brazilian and Puerto Rican youth in Newark” (Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas, 2007)

The Lived Experience of the Black Man (Frantz Fanon, 2008 [1952])

Colorist Clown Culture-Vultures (MayowasWorld, 2021)

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