It’s our last episode of the ZD Semester! In keeping with the season, Alyssa and Brendane discuss #BlackGirlMagic via the popular Netflix holiday movie Jingle Jangle (SPOILERS)! We discuss the origins of the phrase via CaShawn Thompson and her coinage of the hashtag Black Girls ARE Magic and how it is both celebration of Black women and girls making a way out of no way and critique of a society determined to leave us behind. We read Savannah Shange’s incredible essay “Black Girl Ordinary” which teaches us to celebrate the everyday achievements of everyday Black girls. Then, we deep dive into the wonderful world of Journey Jangle – is she really the epitome of the carefree Black girl or is she just another mule for the uplift of a Black man? Listen and find out! Finally, we discuss the problems of Black women saving American democracy – AGAIN.

Discussed in this episode:

Black Girl Ordinary: Flesh, Carcerality, and the Refusal of Ethnography” (Savannah Shange, 2019)

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools (Monique W. Morris, 2016) [Feature length documentary]

Plantation Futures” (Katherine McKittrick, 2013)

Jingle Jangle (Netflix, 2020)

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