Photo courtesy of Retha Ferguson via Pexels

Welcome to Zora’s Daughters, Semester 1!

We offer this “syllabus” – a reading list to go along with each episode – as an opportunity to combat the erasure and silencing of Black women’s voices within and outside of the discipline. Irma McClaurin coined Black feminist anthropology as an intervention on the whiteness and maleness of the discipline. Black feminist anthropology is “self-consciously fashioned as an act of knowledge production and sees itself as a form of cultural mediation between the world of Black scholars and entire Western intellectual tradition, between Black anthropologists and the rest of the discipline, and between Black and white feminists” (McClaurin 2001, 2). We aim to dig deeper into societal issues through this lens and change the lives of Black people across the diaspora. These syllabi are works in progress.

ZD 101: An Introduction

ZD 102: Building on Basics

ZD 201: Intermediate

ZD 202: Going Deeper