Welcome to Zora’s Daughters 102, the Second Semester of the first year of the podcast! This syllabus is a companion to the first season of the podcast. We have tried to link to open source texts and videos where possible.

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1: Afro-Latinidad (?)

Becoming American, becoming black? Urban competency, racialized spaces, and the politics of citizenship among Brazilian and Puerto Rican youth in Newark (Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas, 2007)

The Lived Experience of the Black Man (Frantz Fanon, 2008 [1952])
Colorist Clown Culture-Vultures (MayowasWorld, 2021)

2: Black Feminist Anthropology: Foundations

Black Feminist Anthropology: Theory, Politics, Praxis, and Poetics (Irma McLaurin, 2001)
Outsider Within: Reworking Anthropology in the Global Age (Faye V. Harrison, 2008)
Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness and the Politics of Empowerment (Patricia Hill Collins, 1990)
Raising the Race: Black Career Women Redefine Marriage, Motherhood, and Community (Riché J. Daniel Barnes, 2015)

3: Anti-Blackness

In the Wake: On Blackness and Being (Christina Sharpe, 2016)
Call It What It Is: Anti-Blackness” (kihana miraya ross, 2020)

Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom: Towards the Human, After Man, Its Overrepresentation—An Argument (Sylvia Wynter, 2003)

4. Afropessimism: An Introduction

Black Feminist Theory for the Dead and Dying (Patrice D. Douglass, 2018) (download)
Afro-Pessimism: The Unclear Word (Jared Sexton, 2016)

Episode 2: Ain’t I a Woman?
Episode 6: Deathcraft Country
Episode 11: Not My Latinidad

5. Reparations

Exceptional Violence: Embodied Citizenship in Transnational Jamaica (Deborah A. Thomas, 2011)
The Case for Reparations (Ta-Nehisi Coates, 2014)

Political Life in the Wake of the Plantation: Sovereignty, Witnessing, Repair (Deborah A. Thomas, 2019)
U.S. Museums Hold the Remains of Thousands of Black People (Delande Justinvil and Chip Colwell, 2021)
Payback’s a B**** (Code Switch, NPR, 2021)

6. Accountability

Zora’s Daughters’ Reaction to How Not To Travel Like a Basic B*tch (Brendane Tynes and Alyssa A.L. James, 2021)
Mountains That Take Wing: Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama (C.A. Griffith & H.L.T. Quan, 2009) [Talk back featuring Angela Davis]

Exploring Black and Asian American Lesbian Archives: Aché and Phoenix Rising (Jaimee A. Swift, 2021)
Flimsy Bridges Burn Easily: How Social Media Exposed the Trepidatious Nature of Black/Asian Relations in the Wake of the Atlanta Spa Shootings (Ashley-Devon W., 2021)

6. The Graduate School Self

Sitting at the Kitchen Table: Fieldnotes from Women of Color in Anthropology (Tami Navarro, Bianca Williams, Attiya Ahmad, 2013)

Identifying White Mediocrity and Know-Your-Place Aggression: A Form of Self-Care (Koritha Mitchell, 2018)
How to Not Die: Some Survival Tips for Black Women Who Are Asked to Do Too Much (Crunk Feminist Collective, 2013)

Black Girl Does Grad School
Hooded: A Black Girl’s Guide to the PhD (Malika Grayson, 2020)
Back-to-School Beatitudes: 10 Academic Survival Tips (Crunk Feminist Collective, 2011)
The Professor Is in: The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job (website) (Karen Kelsky 2015)
57 Ways to Screw Up in Grad School: Perverse Professional Lessons for Graduate Students (Kevin D. Haggerty and Aaron Doyle, 2015)
Institute for Recruitment of Teachers