Welcome to Zora’s Daughters 301, the First Semester of the junior year of the podcast! This syllabus is a reading list to the third season of the podcast that will continue to grow throughout the season. We have tried to link to open source texts and videos where possible.

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1. Race and Postfeminism

Episode: “Dangerously In Love With Celebrity


Divas, Evil Black Bitches, and Bitter Black Women: African American Women in Postfeminist and Post-Civil-Rights Popular Culture” (Kimberly Springer, 2007)

2. Sovereignty and Non-Sovereignty

Episode: The Death of Sovereignty


Non-Sovereign Futures: French Caribbean Politics in the Wake of Disenchantment (Yarimar Bonilla, 2015)


The Sovereignty of Critique” (Audra Simpson, 2020)
Unsettling Sovereignty” (Yarimar Bonilla, 2017)
The Dissolution of the Myth of Sovereignty in the Caribbean” (Linden Lewis, 2012)